Malcolm Brady

Country of origin: Ireland

Senior Lecturer, Dublin City University Business School

I chose to do my PhD in Economics at LUMS because it is a top class University with a great reputation for its research.

I worked on my PhD as a part-time distance student and so was not based full-time on campus, so I had relatively little involvement in Lancaster University’s life. However, I met my supervisor several times each year and always enjoyed those visits: they were stimulating and motivating, which is exactly what you need when you are based mostly outside of the University. Those discussions are my abiding memory of Lancaster.

Despite being a part-time student, I nevertheless got a great impression of Lancaster as a vibrant University with an active community of students and scholars. On my visits to Lancaster, I got a good impression of the campus which always seemed lively, but also local and approachable. My one regret is that, being a distance student, I didn’t get to know other PhD students at Lancaster and could not attend the departmental seminar series.

I am very glad that I chose Lancaster as a place through which I could carry out my doctoral research. My original interest was in firm growth – why and how firms grow – an interest which stemmed from earlier studies on an MBA course. Initially, I started modelling a single firm growth and then through the influence of my supervisor at Lancaster, I began to look at two firms and the interdependencies that arise therefrom. My PhD research focused in the end on duopoly and advertising, using a combination of analytical (game theoretic) and simulation methods. The support of my supervisor in guiding me towards and along this path was invaluable.

I am currently a Senior Lecturer at Dublin City University Business School. My main teaching interests are in strategic management and business process innovation.