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We warmly welcome enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (PhD).

Please see the list below for a range of research topics that staff members of the Department of Economics are interested in supervising.


I will be happy to supervise students interested in theoretical and empirical political economy, on topics such as electoral turnout, political accountability, fiscal policy. I am also interested in other more “classical” public economics issues such as tax evasion, immigration and social capital.

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I am willing to supervise doctoral students in the areas of labour economics, especially on the youth labour market, transition behaviour in the adult labour market and search and matching in the labour market, and in the field of education economics, particularly with respect to secondary school choice and quasi-markets, and the economics of Higher Education. Other topic areas in labour and education would be considered.

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I am happy to help students interested in Industrial Organization, Regional and Urban Economics, and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. Some topics may include auctions, knowledge spillovers, migration, energy, and environmental justice.

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I am willing to take students working on any projects related to my currently active research.

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I am willing to work with students who are interested in housing markets.

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PhD proposals are welcome in the broad areas of corporate governance, executive labour markets, environmental economics, and the interface of political economy and corporate governance.

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Interested in supervising doctoral students in any area of labour economics, and particularly in the economics of education.

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I am interested in supervising Ph.D. students in any area of theoretical and applied econometrics. I am happy to help students across a broad range of empirical and theoretical aspects on micro-econometric applications.

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I will be happy to work with you if you are interested in experimental economics, in particular experimental game theory and social norms related studies using experimental tools, and cooperative game theory (including Nash programme and implementation).

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I will be happy to supervise students interested in development economics, in particular on topics related to the causes and consequences of conflict or other forms of violence, migration (including refugees), and infrastructure investment, the role of institutions, and the impact of climate change in developing countries.

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I will be happy to act as supervisor of students interested in the field of economics of education, from an empirical point of view. For examples the analysis of the returns to education in the labour market, the funding of higher education, the evaluation of educational policies at any level, the study of the determinants of students educational outcomes (i.e. education production function), analysis of the peer effects and also the intergenerational transmission of inequality (both in term of earnings and education).

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Available to supervise PhD students interested in Macroeconomics, Monetary economics and Fiscal Policy. I am particularly interested in conducting analysis of the interactions between monetary and fiscal policies in DSGE models of the business cycle.

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I am happy to supervise students who want to use individual-level cross section or panel data to test theories or examine policies in Health Economics or the Economics of Education.

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I am happy to supervise PhD students working on the development and application of econometric tests for speculative bubbles, and on modelling and forecasting asset prices.

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I will be happy to supervise PhD students working on the areas of speculative bubbles in asset prices, the effects of temporal aggregation on time series models, and the effect of higher-order moments on portfolio choice.

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I am interested in any project that involves a novel computational challenge. It can be that either the size of the problem is prohibitive for conventional methods or that even writing down the solution conditions is hard. For example finding solutions to a high dimensional dynamic program or equilibria of a dynamic game.

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I am happy to help students interested in industrial organization or economic theory. Some particular topics might include: the economics of regulation, innovation, research and development, and the the role of asymmetric information as it pertains to these areas.

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I am happy to help students interested in game theory. Some particular areas of interest include: communication and mediation in games, coordination problems, network congestion games.

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I would be happy to supervise PhDs in the general areas of international trade, economic geography, regional and urban economics, from an empirical and/or a theoretical perspective.

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Interested in supervising students who wish to work on Macroeconomics, Monetary policies and Macroprudential policies in DSGE models. Specifically interested in modelling financial frictions, investigating their impact on the wider economy and their implications for policymakers.

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I am happy to help you with a dissertation on political economy. I am interested in any aspect of voting behaviour and electoral competition, the analysis of different voting systems, as well as contest theory.

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Available to supervise PhD students interested in Econometrics, Applied econometrics, Bayesian techniques in time series and panel data, Efficiency and productivity and Banking models.

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My interests in applied empirical microeconomic issues are wide ranging and include many aspects of: consumer behaviour, especially risky consumption that affects health, income, and well-being; labour market behaviour, especially labour supply, and wage determination; education economics, especially the graduate labour market; and the connections between these areas.

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Available to supervise PhD students with an interest in applied trade policy, political economy, and their overlap (e.g. analysis of antidumping policies in developing countries, empirical analysis of political economy of trade policies).

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Interested in supervising students interested in macroeconomics, monetary policy, fiscal policy and financial regulation in DSGE models. I am particularly interested in analysing the interactions between the financial sector and the real economy, as well as the roles of macroprudential regulation and fiscal policy during periods of financial distress.

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