External Seminars: 2015/2016

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Michaelmas Term

Klenio Barbosa: San Paulo School of Economics

TUESDAY 22 September 2015 | LT 04

"Party expertise, campaign donation and government contracts: Evidence from an electoral experiment"

Anthony Murphy: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

23 September 2015 | LUMS LT 08

"How financial innovations and accelerators drive booms and busts in U.S. consumption"

Silvia Mendolia: University of Wollongong

30 September 2015 | LUMS LT 04

"The effect of peers' ability on high school educational outcomes"

Dominique Demougin: University of Liverpool

7 October 2015 | LUMS LT 6

"ADR versus litigation: a cost paradox"

Luis Corchón: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

14:00 14 October 2015 | Charles Carter A17

"Growth in Illyria: The role of meritocracy and value transmssion in the accumulation of human capital"

Michael Ward: University of Texas at Arlington

14 October 2015 | LUMS LT3

"Susceptibility and influence in social contagion"

Theodore Koutmeridis: University of Glasgow

16:00 21 October 2015 | LUMS LT 09

"The changing returns to crime: Do criminals respond to prices?"

Marco Manacorda: Queen Mary University of London

28 October 2015 | George Fox LT 5

"Mobile phones and political mobilization in Africa"

Robert Dur: Erasmus University

4 November 2015 | George Fox LT 4

"Team incentives, social cohesion, and performance: A natural field experiment"

Utku Unver: Boston College

THURSDAY 5 November 2015 | LUMS LT 7

"Live donor organ exchange: Beyond kidneys"

Carol Propper: Imperial College London

14:00 11 November 2015 | LUMS LT 4

"Free to choose: Reform and demand response in the English National Health Service"

Matteo Richiardi: University of Torino and University of Oxford

11 November 2015 | LUMS LT 4

"Bayesian inference of agent-based models"

Richard Dennis: University of Glasgow

18 November 2015 | LUMS LT 5

"Durations at the zero lower bound"

Angus Holford: University of Essex

14:00 25 November 2015 | LUMS LT 3

"Youth employment and academic performance: Production functions and policy effects"

Walter Steingress: Bank of France

25 November 2015 | LUMS LT 3

"The causal impact of migration on US trade: Evidence from political refugees"

Filippo Ferroni: Bank of France

16:00 9 December 2015 | LUMS LT 6

"Fundamental shock selection in DSGE models"

Lent Term

Indrajit Ray: Cardiff University

13 January 2016 | LUMS LT 11

"Information Revelation and Coordination Using Cheap Talk in a Game with Two-Sided Private Information: Theory and Experiment"

Daniel Sturm: London School of Economics

20 January 2016 | LUMS LT 8

"The impact of public employment: Evidence from Bonn"

Emma Tominey: University of York

27 January 2016 | LUMS LT 8

"The family peer effect on mothers' labour supply"

Enrica Carbone: University of Naples-Federico 2

3 February 2016 | LUMS LT 5

"Equilibria in transportation games with road pricing"

Robert Wright: University of Strathclyde

16:00 10 February 2016 | LUMS LT 6

"Financial literacy as an explanatory factor in economic behaviour"

Anna-Maria Mayda: Georgetown University

16:00 17 February 2016 | LUMS LT 3

"Immigration to the U.S.: A problem for the Republicans or the Democrats"

Tom Holden: University of Surrey

24 February 2016 | LUMS LT 5

"Existence, uniqueness and computation of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraints"

Pablo Brañas-Garza: Middlesex University London

14:00 2 March 2016 | LUMS LT 8

“Around a table: Social lubricants for trust building” 

Richard Baillie: Michigan State University

2 March 2016 | LUMS LT 8

"Is robust inference with OLS sensible in time series regressions? Investigating bias and MSE trade off with alternative GLS and full system VAR approaches"

Sandra McNally: London School of Economics and University of Surrey

16:00 9 March 2016 | LUMS LT 4

"Teaching and learning literacy"

Michalis Stamatogiannis: University of Bath

16:00 16 March 2016 | LUMS LT 5

"Spurious long-horizon predictability"

Summer Term

Jesus Gonzalo: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

20 April 2016 | LUMS LT 10

"TRENDs in Distributional Characteristics: Existence of Global Warming"

Claudio Piga (Keele University)

27 April 2016 | LUMS LT 10

"The hidden side of dynamic pricing in airline markets"

Vincenzo Verardi: University of Namur

15:30 4 May 2016 | LUMS LT 10

"Measuring the consequences and productivity effects of positive discrimination: evidence from racial quotas in S.A. Rugby"

Francesco Zanetti: University of Oxford

11 May 2016 | LUMS LT 10

“Asymmetries in labor market fluctuations”

Filippo Ferroni: Bank of France

15:30 25 May 2016 | LUMS LT 10

"Were the ECB announcements Delphic or Odyssean?"

Michael Ward: University of Texas at Arlington

1 June 2016, 14:00 | LUMS LT 10

"Cutting Class to Play Video Games"

James Ziliak: University of Kentucky

1 June 2016 | LUMS LT 10

"Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence."

Geoffrey Hewings (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

8 June 2016 11:00 am| LUMS LT 1

"Demographic Challenges to Regional Development"