Working papers

The Department of Economics publishes a series of working papers to disseminate the results of the research activities carried out by its members.

Paper Number Authors Title
2017/014 Kang Inference in nonparametric series estimation with data-dependent undersmoothing
2017/013 Bracco, Revelli Concurrent elections and political accountability: evidence from Italian local elections
2017/012 Pavlidis, Paya, Peel, Yusupova Exuberance in the U.K. regional housing markets
2017/011 Pryce, Walker, Wheeler How much of a problem is problem gambling?
2017/010 Kaivanto, Peel Pre-decision side-bet sequences
2017/009 Regan-Stansfield The impact of standardised testing on later high stakes test outcomes
2017/008 Beshir, Maystadt In utero seasonal food insecurity and cognitive development: Evidence from Ethiopia
2017/007 Bracco, De Paola, Green, Scoppa The effect of far right parties on the location choice of immigrants: Evidence from lega nord mayors
2017/006 Rietzke, Matros Contests on networks
2017/005 Izquierdo Sanchez, Navarro Paniagua Hollywood’s wage structure and discrimination
2017/004 Blanas, Seric, Viegelahn Jobs, FDI and institutions in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from firm-level data
2017/003 Georgalos, Ray, Sen Gupta Coarse correlation and coordination in a game: An experiment
2017/002 Bradley, Migali The effects of the 2006 tuition fee reform and the great recession on university student dropout behaviour in the UK
2017/001 Maystadt, Migali The transmission of health across 7 generations in China, 1789-1906
2016/022 Peel, Promponas Forecasting the nominal exchange rate movements in a changing world. The case of the U.S. and the U.K.
2016/021 Kaivanto Ensemble Prospectism
2016/020 Regan-Stansfield Do good primary schools perform even better as academies?
2016/019 Homroy, Sléchten Board expertise, networked boards and environmental performance
2016/018 Carbone, Georgalos, Infante Individual vs. group decision making: an experiment on dynamic choice under risk and ambiguity
2016/017 De Silva, Gertsberg, Pownall Market evolution, bidding strategies, and survival of art dealers
2016/016 Grofman, Troumpounis, Xefteris Electoral competition with primaries and quality asymmetries
2016/015 Rietzke, Chen Push or pull? Performance pay, incentives, and information
2016/014‌ Soo Are hamburgers harmless? The Big Mac Index in the twenty-first century
2016/013 Soo Country size and trade in intermediate goods
2016/012 Soo Indivisibilities in the Ricardian model of trade
2016/011 Nguyen, Pavlidis, Peel Modeling changes in U.S. monetary policy
2016/010 Balasubramanyam Can services lead the Indian economy?
2016/009 Ferraresi, Migali, Nordi, Rizzo Spatial interaction in local expenditures among Italian municipalities: evidence from Italy 2001-2011
2016/008 O'Sullivan The effect of military service on earnings in Britain
2016/007 Ahn, Zanardi China - HP-SSST: Last part of growing pains
2016/006 BanerjeeHomroySlechten Why don’t all firms do “good” equally?
2016/005 Kaivanto, Zhang A resolution of emissions-estimate confusion for informing flight choice
2016/004 Georgalos Dynamic decision making under ambiguity: a portfolio choice experiment
2016/003 Bracco, Onnis Immigration, amnesties and the shadow economy
2016/002 GreenHeywood, Kler, Leeves Paradox lost: Disappearing female job satisfaction‌‌
2016/001 Maystadt, Jiliang Weather shocks, maize yields and adaptation in rural China‌‌‌‌
2015/031 Theodoridis, Mumtaz Dynamic effects of monetary policy shocks on macroeconomic volatility‌‌‌‌‌
2015/030 MaystadtSalihu National or political cake? The political economy of intergovernmental transfers in Nigeria‌‌‌‌‌‌
2015/029 Green , Hollingsworth, Navarro Paniagua Longer opening hours, alcohol consumption and health.
2015/028 Soo International trade and the division of labour
2015/027 Soo Innovation across cities
2015/026 Balart, Chowdhury, Troumpounis Linking individual and collective contests through noise level and sharing rules
2015/025 Kaivanto, Zinober When are capital structure decisions nonseparable from production planning? The case of generalized royalty-based hybrid finance
2015/024  Elkomy, Ingham, Read Economic, institutional & political determinants of FDI growth effects in emerging & developing countries
2015/023 Green , Homroy Female directors, key committees, and firm performance
2015/022 Slechten Environmental agreements under asymmetric information
2015/021 Conconi, Sahuguet, Zanardi Electoral incentives, term limits and the sustainability of peace
2015/020 Kaivanto, Kwon The precautionary principle as a heuristic patch
2015/019 Amann, Virmani Is the evolution of India’s outward FDI consistent with Dunning’s investment development path sequence?
2015/018 Nishiyama Fiscal policy effects in a heterogeneous-agent OLG economy with an aging population
2015/017 Nishiyama The joint labor supply decision of married couples and the social security pension system
2015/016 Bradley, Migali The effect of a tuition fee reform on the risk of drop out from university in the UK‌
2015/015 Deltas, De Silva, McComb Industrial agglomeration and spatial persistence of employment in software publishing
2015/014 Yang, Zucchelli The impact of public smoking bans on well-being externalities: Evidence from a natural experiment
2015/013 Homroy, Banerjee The structure of corporate holdings and corporate governance: Evidence from India
2015/012 Mendolia, Walker Youth unemployment and the effect of personality traits
2015/011 Rietzke Push or pull? Grants, prizes and information
2015/010 Conconi, DeRemer, Trimarchi, Kirchsteiger, Zanardi Suspiciously timed trade disputes
2015/009 Ghosh Dastidar, Balasubramanyam Impact of immigrants on the foreign trade of the UK
2015/008 Reynolds, Rietzke Price caps, oligopoly, and entry
2015/007 Troumpounis , Xefteris Incomplete information, proportional representation and strategic voting
2015/006 Nguyen Financial frictions and the volatility of monetary policy in a DSGE model
2015/005 Balasubramanyam, Balasubramanyam Kerala and Tamil Nadu; Differing pathways to development
2015/004 Bataa, Izzeldin , Osborn Changes in the global oil market
2015/003 Wei, Balasubramanyam A comparative analysis of China and India’s manufacturing sectors
2015/002 Alexakis, Pappas, Tsikouras Long run asymmetric relationships between Islamic and conventional equity indices
2015/001 De Silva, McComb, Schiller What blows in with the wind?
2014/028 Matakos, Troumpounis , Xefteris Turnout and polarization under alternative electoral systems
2014/027 Iraci Capuccinello Determinants and timing of dropping out decisions
2014/026 Migali, Zucchelli The relationship between forgone health care and high school dropout: evidence from US adolescents
2014/025 Kaivanto Visceral emotions, within-community communication, and (ill-judged) endorsement of financial propositions
2014/024 Moulin, Ray, Sen Gupta Coarse correlated equilibria in an abatement game
2014/023 Zilberman, Tayler Financial shocks, loan loss provisions and macroeconomic stability
2014/022 Laczo, Rossi Time-consistent consumption taxation
2014/021 Bai Price level targeting with strategic fiscal policy and the value of fiscal leadership
2014/020 Bai, Kirsanova Infrequent fiscal stabilization
2014/019 Maystadt, Duranton The development push of refugees: evidence from Tanzania
2014/018 Homroy Pay increase may not be a strong incentive for undertaking acquisitions: evidence of survivor bias in post-acquisition CEO pay
2014/017 Dagnelie, De Luca, Maystadt Do girls pay the price of civil war? Violence and infant mortality in Congo
2014/016 Maystadt, Mueller, Sebastian Environmental migration and labor markets in Nepal
2014/015 Green , Heywood, Navarro Paniagua Traffic accidents and the London congestion charge
2014/014 Kaivanto, Kroll Alternation bias and reduction in St. Petersburg gambles: an experimental investigation
2014/013 Homroy, Soo The impact of diversity on group and individual performance
2014/012 Motta, Tirelli Limited asset market participation, income inequality and macroeconomic volatility
2014/011 Sléchten, Verardi Assessing the effectiveness of global air-pollution treaties on CO2 emissions
2014/010 Sléchten, Verardi Measuring the impact of multiple air-pollution agreements on global CO2 emissions
2014/009 Pavlidis, Yusupova, Paya, Peel , Martinez-Garcia, Mack, Crossman Episodes of exuberance in housing markets: in search of the smoking gun
2014/008 Mendolia, Walker The effect of personality traits on subject choice and performance in high school: evidence from an English cohort
2014/007 Iraci Capuccinello, Bradley The effect of college mergers on student dropout behaviour: evidence from the UK
2014/006 Buraimo, Migali, Simmons An analysis of consumer response to corruption: Italy's Calciopoli scandal

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