Economics undergraduate alumni profiles

LUMS Economics graduates are keenly sought by employers in the private and public sectors. Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how it has helped them in their careers.





Beth Watson

BSc Economics, 2014

Beth was the First Female Club President at the Triathlon Club during her time at Lancaster. She now works as an Associate at Deloitte.

Adam Horridge

BSc Business Economics, 2013

Adam completed a one-year placement with GE Capital, and is now working for Swiss Re.

Guoda Cibaite

BA Economics and International Relations, 2013

Guoda completed her undergraduate degree and went on to study a Masters in Public Policy.

Katy Shaw

BA Business Economics (Study Abroad), 2012

Katy is now working for a Manchester-based digital marketing agency.

Georgina Lunn

BSc Economics (Study Abroad), 2012

Before graduation, Georgina secured a place on Ernst & Young's graduate scheme as an Assistant Tax Advisor.

Evgeni Ivanov

BSc Economics, 2012

Evgeni completed his degree in BSc Economics and went onto work for the Bulgarian National Bank.

Natalie Kennedy

BA Business Economics, 2010

Natalie works in digital marketing for Fat Media.

William Connell

BA Business Economics (Study Abroad), 2010

After completing his degree, William went on to study for an MSc and then a MPhil degree in Economics in Paris.

Adam Hutchinson

BSc Economics, 2010

After completing his degree at Lancaster, Adam is studying for an MSc and PhD in Economics.

Helen Laybourn

BSc Economics, 2010

Helen completed an internship with Lloyds Bank when on her degree, and later joined for Deloitte as an analyst consultant.

Eleni Papaspyrou

BSc Economics, 2010

After completing her degree, Eleni took a job as an economics teacher back home in Cyprus.

Fiona Ferguson

BSc Economics, 2009

On graduating, Fiona joined E.ON and started her job with a one-year placement in Sweden.