Economics Society

As one of the five societies of the Lancaster University Management School, the Economics Society aims to enhance members’ knowledge of economics. The Society hosts regular debates and invites guest speakers to provide a forum of discussion on a range of economic topics, as well as organising informal gatherings for members to socialise.

Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in economics, this Society “provides an invaluable forum for like-minded students to meet and talk informally about the things that interest them. Now, more than ever, economics is an exciting subject that generates a lot of truly passionate debate. Where better to get engaged and fully involved in this than the society? Its events are stimulating and provocative designed by you for you and they provide a great opportunity to get to know people who share your interests.”  (Professor Geraint Johnes).

Check the website and follow the Society on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the activities and events planned during the academic year, and even to consider to stand for positions on the executive body of the Society.