Combined major degrees

Combined major degrees allow you to combine study either of two main subjects (joint major) or three subjects (triple major).

The following combined major degrees involving Economics are available:

Precisely which modules you study in each subject will vary according to whether you are taking a joint major or a triple major degree. They will also be determined by the requirements of your other major department(s). Students are always offered guidance and advice when making these choices.

Year 1

Joint majors: you study 'Principles of Economics' and the appropriate Year I module provided by your other department. The third Year I module may be either 'Quantitative Methods for Economics' or a foundation module from any other department.

Triple majors: PPE students will take a foundation module for each of their major subjects: 'Principles of Economics', 'Understanding Politics and Governance' and 'Introduction to Philosophy'.

Years 2 and 3

Joint majors: you will devote exactly 50% of your time to each of the two subjects, typically taking four modules for each subject in both Year 2 and Year 3.

Triple majors: your time will be divided across the three subjects, taking between two and four module a year in each of the three subjects.

Economics modules: students in year 2 generally take intermediate-level modules in Micro- and Macroeconomics, and may choose optional modules such as Mathematics for Economics, Game Theory, Economic Policy or Applied Economics.