Single major degrees

Students in our single-honour degrees dedicate most of their time to the study of Economics, and can also choose to take modules in one or more “Minor” subjects.

The following single-honour degrees in Economics are available:

Our BSc Economics students, including those in its Study Abroad or Industry variants, devote the great majority of their time studying modules in Economics, and are taught the necessary formal tools to analyse economic phenomena and behaviour. The possibility of studying a Minor subject is also available to them.

Admissions to the Study-Abroad schemes requires a higher level of entry qualifications. However, if we cannot offer you a place on the Study Abroad variant of the degree, you will automatically be considered for the corresponding standard degree – you do not have to list both degrees on your UCAS form. For the BSc Economics (Industry) you should instead apply directly to the BSc Economics (L100), and then express your wish to do a work placement in industry once registered.

The BSc Business Economics (Industry) is a 4-year degree constructed to give a broader preparation for the business world. The study of Economics will be done less formally and more intuitively, and students will be allowed to accompany the modules taught in the Economics department with subjects offered by the other department of the Management and Law Schools, such as Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Law. The compulsory Industry placement is an integral part of this degree.