About the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation

Situated within Lancaster University Management School – one of the UK's leading business schools – the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation undertakes outstanding work in the fields of entrepreneurship and strategic management research, education and business support.

Its strengths derive from the close alignment of these three key elements and from the continuous 'real world' feedback received through interaction with the business community. Founding all operations upon the real and current demands of business is fundamental to the department.

Every process, product and stage of activity within the department is informed by dialogue and engagement with businesses and external organisations. This generates a constantly expanding knowledge base which shapes the development and delivery of research, teaching and business support. This ensures that these activities are always up to date, focused and precisely matched to the needs of students, businesses and the wider community.

The department is home to two research centres: The Strategic Management and The Centre for Family Business. Both centres develop integrative research themes which cross academic disciplines, and work with leading scholars to provide centres of excellence in their fields.