Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Innovation alumni profiles

Find out what our entrepreneurship graduates thought of their time at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Georgia Harper

BA Management & Entrepreneurship, 2017

Following graduation, Georgia is taking a year out to find a job in hospitality.

Gulahmed Maqsood

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Practice MSc, 2017

Gulahmed is an MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice graduate from Pakistan.

Jeerathida Narumitlert

MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Practice, 2015

After completing her MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice, Jeerathida went on to become an Assistant General Manager at Kaset Phattana Industry in Thailand.

Billy Warren

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2015

After graduation, Billy went on to secure a position as an Intern at a consulting company called Gradient Consulting.

Oliver Monks

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2015

Oliver is now Co-founding a business called BagSee with a fellow Lancaster alumnus, Zac Garton.

Kathryn Brooke

BA Management & Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2014

After graduation, Kathryn became a manager in the micro business she had worked in during her placement year.

Raja Sikandar

BA Management & Entrepreneurship, 2014

After completing his BA, Raja was accepted on to the MSc International Innovation at LUMS.

Stefy Yang

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2014

Stefy chose to study abroad in the Netherlands during the second year of her degree.

Alexandra Maddock

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2013

After graduation, Alex went on to become a Category Manager at L’Oreal following a year on the graduate scheme.

Leon Vaughan

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2013

Leon continues to work at IBM as a Digital Consultant for IBM Interactive Experience.

Paul Hodges

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2011

On graduating, Paul set up his own business, The Grand Old Duke of Pork. He now works for video production company Lanor.

Emma Fulton

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2009

Emma spent her placement year in Nice, working for Amadeus, and joined Deloitte after graduating.