Our staff combine excellence in teaching and researching with skill development to enable undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in family business to flourish in their chosen careers.

Our undergraduate modules are designed to give students a comprehensive overview of the family business realm and its complexity. The modules enable students to develop management and practical skills by confronting theory with practice through case study material and direct contact with family business owners. In this way, we prepare our students for opportunities that lie ahead.

To those who desire to pursue an academic career, we offer the space and support to develop their research interests in family business. We attract remarkable students, ready for a challenging, focused and stimulating experience, and we help them flourish and become outstanding scholars. 

Resources for family business education

Family business scholarship is a relatively young field that tends to grow quickly and eclectically, putting educators in special need of guidance on how to identify and select resources that can be used in their courses. This has motivated us at the Centre for Family Business to develop a resource review that organises and maps existing teaching resources for family business education at undergraduate, Masters and executive levels. The review offers a comprehensive overview of resources that can be used by family business educators, and identifies areas in need of further development.

We are thankful to the Family Owned Business Institute for funding this research through the Research Scholars Program.

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Sample Syllabi of Family Business Courses

Selected list of‌ Books for Family Business Education

Selected list of Teaching Case Studies for Family Business Education

Selected list of Movies for Family Business Education



An undergraduate module in Family Business is offered as a compulsory course to all students majoring in Entrepreneurship, and as an option for other Management School students. Confronting theory with practice through case study material and direct contact with family business owners, this module draws on a wide range of management disciplines to provide understanding of the specific issues faced by family businesses.

In addition, the BA Management and Entrepreneurship at Lancaster provides a broad appreciation of management theory and practice, placing the study of entrepreneurship and family businesses in a broad social and historical context. This degree can provide a logical step for developing business skills in those from a family business background, who can then apply them back into their own family business or it can help them secure another role on graduation.