Research Group Strategic Management

The Strategic Management Research Group is led by the Sir Roland Smith Professor of Strategic Management, Duncan Angwin.  The group was formed in 2007 by Emeritas Professor Gerry Johnson.

Both for managers themselves, and for academics who study strategic management, the topic is diverse. Strategies exist at the corporate level, at the business level and at operating levels. They have economic dimensions to them, social dimensions, ethical dimensions and the practical concerns of both developing and implementing those strategies. Strategy is not easily confined to a single perspective or to a single discipline.

The Research Group carries out research in a number of areas:

      • international mergers and acquisitions
      • strategy communcations
      • strategy actors
      • restructuring
      • strategic space
      • strategy process and organisational change
      • strategy implementation and capability development
      • corporate social responsibility
      • public sector strategy
      • corporate center transformation

These topics are studied in a variety of industries such Retailing, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Food, Biotechnology, Engineering, Health Care and Financial Services.

The Research Group has a primary focus upon strategy as practice as a lens for understanding strategic management but the group also engages in other perspectives which cross academic discplines.