Here in LUMS we have a dedicated Careers Team to provide our students with personalised advice, guidance and coaching to help them take advantage of the career options that come their way. Whether you are focused on achieving a specific goal, need support making impressive applications or exploring new career paths that have opened up during your degree, there are regular drop-in sessions and private appointments available for longer consultations.

Our programmes promote a broad view of entrepreneurship, so typical career paths after graduation vary with some students working for large and small organisations, some students starting their own business and others working for the government or third sector organisations (charities and social enterprises).Discover three career routes that are popular with our entrepreneurship graduates, along with success stories from a selection of our alumni who have followed these routes. 
Oli Monks

Route 1 : New Business Venture

Starting a new business, you'll incorporate your knowledge of what works and doesn't work, along with your experience of interacting with real entrepreneurs. The learning activities you have participated in throughout your time at LUMS will help you make informed decisions, and the network of business contacts built up during your degree will enable you to explore funding opportunities to get your business started.

Oli Monks graduated with a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from LUMS, before founding his own company. Read more about Oli's journey.

Alex Maddock

Route 2: Global Graduate Programme

Joining a global graduate placement scheme following your degree from LUMS, you'll understand how business models in large organisations are constructed and developed. Your experience managing real world projects as part of your degree will ensure you are capable of dealing with challenges and achieving success.

Alexandra Maddock studied the Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry) programme at LUMS, during which she completed a placement at L'Oreal. After making a great impression, she secured a position as Category Manager at L'Oreal following her graduation. Read more about Alexandra's journey.

Alex Maddock

Route 3: Third Sector

Create a real impact and put your knowledge into changing the world by joining a government graduate scheme or global charity. Throughout your degree, you'll develop entrepreneurial effectiveness by acquiring social enterprise skills, and the knowledge of ways to address challenges in distinct social contexts. 

During her LUMS degree, Chloé Semwayo completed a placement in South Africa with Ontolligent Solution Services, supporting SME's in developing countries. Read more about Chloé's journey.