A degree in Entrepreneurship and Management is a great passport for life, with several career paths to choose from. There are many dimensions to the programme that will make your time at LUMS memorable and an excellent platform for launching your career or business venture.

Focus on practice

Our degree is built around blending practice with theory. Learning on this course comes from experiences of what works (or does not work) in practice, guided by excellent research and extensive hands-on business experience of our faculty.

Strong foundations

In addition to integrating practice in the way we teach, our degree is also underpinned by our extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and by leading academic research. You will engage in understanding what makes individuals entrepreneurial, as well as key aspects of the entrepreneurial process.

Develop entrepreneurial networks

You will have an opportunity to engage and connect with other students interested in developing their entrepreneurial capability. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with over fifty Entrepreneurs-in-Residence from a wide range of backgrounds and industries who are available for mentoring opportunities. 

Mentoring by Entrepreneurs in Residence

Our innovative Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Programme – unique in the UK – offers the possibility of building long term relationships with our cohort of regional, national and global Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and industries entrepreneurs work side-by-side with students to develop their entrepreneurial networks and careers. 

Design your own career path

We recognise and celebrate that our classroom will host distinct entrepreneurial profiles. Some students will want to start their business, some will work as innovators in large organisations and others will work for the community addressing social problems. We prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow whilst they discover, understand and follow their own career paths. 

Extra-curricular opportunities

Lancaster University has an active and engaging entrepreneurial eco-system where you will have an opportunity to meet like-minded students from other disciplines. As well as an Entrepreneurship Society, and centrally organised Enterprise Activities, the campus also has a range of activities focused on developing entrepreneurial capabilities, such as Masterclasses, challenges and competitions.


Student Group Pitches

Student Group Pitches Play this video

Student Group Pitches

Students gain real experience pitching their business ideas to local entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs in Residence Play this video

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Develop your entrepreneurial networks and receive mentoring to build long term relationships.

Guest Speaker Events

Solomon Darwin Play this video

Solomon Darwin

Our faculty has business connections across the globe, introducing you to experts through guest speaker events.