About the Forum

Sustainability is a business objective to which many organisations aspire, but achieving this aspirational goal presents many operations and supply chain management challenges.

Buying local has been suggested as a means of being environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.  However, buying local implies less use of global supply chains. Thus it potentially benefits a local economy at the expense of the global arena; and may involve a big transition from existing global supply chain configurations, bringing with it many challenges.  Hence, there remain many research issues to explore in the exciting and interesting field of sustainable operations and supply chain management.

The Forum targets all researchers interested in Sustainable Operations and Sustainable Supply Chain Management.  Although the theme is the local versus global sustainability debate, the Forum will not be limited to this topic. The Forum particularly fosters in-depth discussions in a small setting, with potential for the generation of new insights and collaboration opportunities.

The Forum will use three different session formats:

  • Keynote Plenary Sessions  - by invited academics and practitioners
  • Roundtable discussions of working papers
  • Formal presentations of full papers