Call for Abstract Submission

*New* Special Session Announcement - See below for further details

All submissions should have a clear Sustainable Operations /Supply Chain Management focus. Although the theme of the 2016 Forum is the local versus global sustainability debate, the Forum will not be limited to this topic and abstracts from other streams of research in this area are also welcomed.

Innovative Engaged Methodologies - Special Session

We are pleased to announce a special session on Innovative Engaged Methodologies.  We seek abstract submissions on research that has a positive impact on society and the environment through the application on collabortive research methods.  These research methods should include some level of engagement with stakeholders (for example, Action Research or participatory and other collaborative approaches), but would exclude more mainstream observation-driven approaches, mainly surveys and case studies.  The intention of this session is to open a methodological conversation that can help foster the engagement of sustainability orientated researches with stakeholders, thereby strengthening their collaboration with research users. 

Lucy McCarthy, Anne Touboulic & Carsten Reuter (Special Session organisers) ‌

Abstract Guidelines

Potential contributors (including for the special session) are invited to submit an extended abstract (500 words) for consideration for inclusion in the programme by November 12, 2015

When you submit your abstract, following the instructions below, please indicate your preference for the type of session for your paper.  This can either be:

  • Working paper for round table discussion: This will be suitable for papers that are being developed.  In round table discussions, groups of three or four papers with a similar theme will be selected for consideration together.  Each will be briefly discussed in turn, but the main aim of the session will be to share ideas with the audience to develop research themes and methodologies in that area and, where appropriate, to explore potential collaborations.   Each author will be assigned to read the paper of at least one of the other co-authors, with all authors and the session chairperson encouraged to read all papers for the session.   All participants and authors are encouraged to attend the full round table discussion session.


  • Full paper for formal presentation: Full papers that are close to journal submission, and therefore include research findings and a full discussion of those findings, may be presented formally in a session, with the usual question/answer session at the end for individual papers.  Participants may wish to move between rooms during sessions to hear different formal presentations in different rooms.

Please note that although authors are asked to indicate the type of paper they wish to submit, we reserve the right to change this based on abstract reviewer comments and programme scheduling constraints.

Abstract submission instructions

To be considered for potential contribution to the Forum, please submit your abstract by November 12, 2015 at Easychair

The acceptance feedback will be sent by December 18, 2015.

The abstract should focus on the main ideas of the paper. i.e. it should explain the purpose of the paper, the theoretical background, the research gap that is addressed, the approach taken, description and justification of the methodology, main findings, and contributions (if already available).

The abstract word limit is 500 words.  This limit excludes the word count for references, but a list of references should also be included at the end of the abstract.

Submission steps:

Register on the EasyChair website or Log in if you already have an account.  Note that in Easychair, this conference is referred to as EurOMA SOSCF 2016

    1. Click on New Submissions on the top left
    2. Complete correspondence address
    3. Complete author(s) information
    4. Copy and Paste your title into the dedicated box
    5. Copy and Paste your abstract into the dedicated box, including any references
    6. Copy and Paste your keywords into the dedicated box
    7. Indicate your preference on paper type; whether your paper includes empirical research and whether you would like it to be considered for the special session
    8. In the Upload Paper section, there is no need to upload anything at this stage, but if you wish you can upload an anonymous file with your Title, Abstract, Keywords and References only

    All abstracts will undergo a double blind review. A decision regarding acceptance, and paper type for accepted papers, will be made by December 18, 2015

    In the case of accepted papers (work-in-progress or full), the final paper must be submitted by February 14, 2016.