Abstract: The purpose of this theory paper is to develop a contextual appraisal theory that may be drawn on to understand emotional processes in IS development (ISD). In short, emotion matters to ISD because managers/professionals lack capacity in dealing with emotionality, and there are very few ISD studies that directly focus on emotion. We develop a theoretical lens by inductively examining the intellectual heritage of four emotion theory streams: feeling-centered (e.g. stimulus-response), traditional cognitivist, contemporary cognitivist and socio-cultural. Our resultant model is in the process appraisal theory tradition, which we extend with structurationist concepts.


Bio: Dr. Patrick Stacey is a Lecturer of Information Systems at Lancaster University Management School. He has twenty years of combined experience in industry as a software engineer and in academia at institutions such as Imperial College Business School and Warwick Business School.  He is also a Co-Director of the Highwire doctoral training centre, a member of the national NEMODE think-tank on business models, and an Associate Editor for the International Conference on Information Systems. His current research focuses on emotion in information systems development and product-service system design. Some of his notable publications include “Making sense of sensemaking narratives” (Human Relations), “Opening up to agile games development” (Communications of the ACM) and “A temporal perspective of the computer games development process” (Information Systems Journal). 

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