Abstract: Increasing globalization has forced companies to pay growing attention to identify, manage and retain those employees who provide the company with competitive advantages in this international scenario (global talented workers).  However, the skills and capabilities required to manage a global company are different from those required for a domestic one. The competences that distinguish domestic talent from global talent are those related to be able to encompass different cultural patters. In this sense, it is especially important to understand the factors that may affect or impact on the retention of talent in a company and to analyse whether or not workers behaviour regarding intention to quit is different for those with domestic or global talent. The objective of this paper consists of shedding light into that problem in the case of Spain and Mexico. To achieve so, we utilize a two-step approach analysis to be conducted on data gathered from an ad-hoc survey administered in Spanish and Mexican companies, that was fully filled out by a total of 419 talented workers. 

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