Conferences and Seminars

GOLCER has organised and participated in a variety of seminars, conferences and conference sessions. A selection is provided below.


High Frequency Financial Econometrics using Matlab - 2day course

Dates: TBC - More information here

The Ninth foundation of Islamic Finance Conference (FIFC), hosted by Lancaster University Management School between 25-26 September 2017


Quanto Mechanics Revisited

Presented by Paul Dawson at the LUMS Economics Research Seminar


Measuring convergence in Islamic and conventional banks: Evidence from Global Data

Presented by Vasileios Pappas at the FEBS 2015 Conference, Nantes


4th Islamic Banking and Finance Conference (IBF 2014)

Co-organised by GOLCER, El Shaarani Centre (Aston University) and Durham Business School. Held at Lancaster University, England

Shariah-compliant Student Funding: A Proposal

Presented by Paul Dawson at Lancaster University

Do Islamic banks "Live Free and Die Harder"?

Presented by Vasileios Pappas at Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Manchester and at Global Forum Islamic Finance Conference, Lahore



Financial Markets Contagion and Synchronisation: Evidence from EU and CEE

Presented by Vasileios Pappas at INFINITI 2013 Conference in Aix-en-Provence



Islamic Finance Conference 

Co-organised by GOLCER and El Shaarani Centre (Aston University). Held at Aston University, England

4th International Conference on Rethinking Banking and Finance: Money Markets and Models

GOLCER organised a special session in the IFABS conference, at Valencia, Spain



‌Post-Crisis Financial Sector Performance and Risk Conference

Co-organised by GOLCER and Bangor Business School. Held at Bangor, Wales



Nowcasting is not just Contemporaneous Forecasting‌‌

Presented by Jennifer Castle

Volatility, Contagion and Regimes: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe Stock Markets

Presented by Vasileios Pappas at Lancaster University



House Prices and Credit Constraints: Making Sense of the US Experience‌‌‌

Presented by Anthony Murphy at Lancaster University

Issues Relating to Constructing Multifactor Models for Equity‌‌

Presented by Ron Guido at Lancaster University

A Tale of Two Strategies: Cash Flow, Accruals and the Role of Investor Sentiment‌

Presented by Xavier Gerard at Lancaster University