Annual economic review of the GCC countries 2008-2009

Issue 1, February 2010
Efficiency of Islamic and conventional banks in the GCC
By Jill Johnes, Marwan Izzeldin and Vasileios Pappas

Issue 2, March 2010
The Gulf currency: lessons from the Euro
By John Whittaker

Issue 3, May 2010
Impacts of oil shocks: implications for GCC economies
By Erdenebat Bataa

Issue 4, July 2010
Determinants of banking fragility: comparing Islamic and conventional banks - an application of survival analysis
By Vasileios Pappas

Issue 5, October 2010
Taxation in the GCC region
By Martin Harrison

Issue 6, August 2011
The outlook for Islamic REITs as an investment vehicle
By Momna Saeed