About us

The Department of Leadership and Management (DLM) has established an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching in leadership and management studies. 


DLM faculty study and teach leadership and management from a variety of perspectives that draw upon and contribute to ‘cutting edge’ research that has been published in ABS 4 and 4* journals, in prestigious FT-listed journals, and in well-cited monographs, handbooks, textbooks, chapters and research reports. DLM’s strategic vision is to further enhance the Department’s international reputation for its critical and innovative research on leadership and management and to continue to position the department as a significant provider of world class leadership and management education. 

Studying Leadership & Management

At Lancaster the study of leadership is concerned with developing a critical understanding of the theory and practice of organisational leading, past, present and future. DLM has played a key role in setting the research agenda for contemporary leadership studies. In addition to its extensive portfolio of research publications, the Department launched the international peer-reviewed Sage journal ‘Leadership’ in 2005 and the globally-significant ‘International Studying Leadership Conference’ in 2002. In addition to hosting the ‘Academy for Women, Diversity and Leadership’ research forum, DLM houses the Research Centre in “Advancing Leadership Studies and Practice”. 

DLM faculty also examine management and managing in its various forms and contexts. We focus on key issues in Human Resource Development and Consulting, particularly through our flagship full-time masters programme accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. DLM faculty also teach and research in the important areas of international management studies, knowledge management and organizational learning. Here again, faculty take a critical perspective on both theory and practice, with a particular emphasis on enhancing impact by improving practice.