Lulu Zhang

Country of origin: China

HR Specialist, KPMG (Beijing)

I choose to study at LUMS because it is considered the best in the UK for business and management research. Furthermore, LUMS not only has teaching excellence and a high-quality vocational education but also superb facilities to support students’ research and study. Just as importantly, the city of Lancaster is a friendly, welcoming and fun place to spend your student years.

I enjoyed all interactions with my teachers and classmates, which made lectures, projects and tutorials far more enjoyable. We were encouraged to be comfortable with each other and share ideas and theories to further our work.

Client project

During the programme, we undertook a consulting project which lasted over a month; the group consisted of seven students, four of us from mainland China, the other two from the UK and Taiwan. We met each other nearly every day working on this project, and made two trips to the client company in Bacup, Lancashire, to do our research and data collection.

This has been a memorable experience, and as result of this project, my skills in consultancy, research and project management have been greatly improved. Working with group members who had previous work experience also allowed me to gain a different perspective and understanding.

Studying at Lancaster University is really a pleasant experience. Although it was quite different from the study environment that I had been used to, I liked the academic culture here as I always felt welcomed and encouraged.

I am currently working in KPMG Beijing as an HR specialist, and my current HR work is mainly focused on campus recruiting. From my experience at LUMS, I have gained a broader knowledge of the roles of HR, as it is not only about recruiting but also about working as a strategic partner, an employee champion and a change agent. I believe that the skills in consultancy, research and project management that I developed from the modules will definitely enable me to be a good consultant in my further career development.

There were all kinds of career fairs held on campus which provided great opportunities to get an insight into those companies and gain a clearer vision of how my career might develop in the future. In addition, there was also support from the LUMS Careers team who helped me to improve my CV and offered suggestions for career development.