Leadership Studies and Follower Dynamics

Within this research group, we critically engage in the study of leaders, leadership and followership, and the theory and practice of organisational leading – past, present and future.

Our interests and expertise lie in drawing from sociological, psychological and philosophical approaches to the study of leadership practice. 

Some of our key areas of specialisation are:

  • Critical approaches to leadership, management and organisation – in particular, leadership and followership, power and identities, dualisms and dialectics, conformity and resistance
  • Leadership and emotions, psychoanalytic perspectives on leadership, the dark side of leadership, and exploring leader dysfunctions and leader–follower relations
  • Ontological premises that underpin leadership practice in comparative cultural settings
  • International dimensions of leadership
  • Empirical quantitative studies on the antecedents and outcomes of leadership in relation to organisational behaviours and human resource management
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Cultural, political and economic processes and relations that create, enable and constrain leadership
  • The semiotic and linguistic properties of leadership and leadership discourse
  • Leadership as emotional labour and the dissonance arising from the juxtaposition of emotional labour and the requirements of authenticity
  • The relationships between gender, women’s leadership practice and women’s leadership learning
  • Leadership and strategic options in organisations