Management Learning and Action Research

Within this group, the broad phenomenon of learning in organisations and society is framed around management and leadership.

Our interests and expertise lie in the following areas:

  • Critical approaches to learning
  • Informal, experiential and reflective learning
  • Social learning theories
  • Forms of collective, discursive and systemic learning
  • Engagement with learning
  • Self-learning
  • Contextual aspects of learning
  • Gender and diversity within workplace learning
  • Social networks (online and real) and learning
  • Action and distance learning
  • Applied research

Our research explores the relationship of learning to international, cultural, economic and political processes, organisational learning, work-based learning, life-long learning, leadership development and developing understandings of how organisation design and culture impact on learning.

Taking a critical approach to learning we aim to develop theory and practice as a result of our research. Two externally funded applied research projects are currently held by this group (Carolyn Downs); one of these, Helpcare, has been selected by the UK National Agency, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK, as a high-impact longitudinal case study. Uzair Shah has been awarded LUMS pump-priming funding for research which explores contextual influences on international management education and learning experiences.

Publications in leading academic journals and conference papers are part of our regular research dissemination activity, alongside media engagement. Policy briefings and transfer of innovation activities ensure our group has a consistently high impact on policy and practice.