Eliemental Project

Eliemental is an applied research project funded by the European Union that will work with people who have barriers preventing them from taking the first steps towards developing their own enterprise.

Research findings through the EU-funded Elie Project, which worked with 200 immigrant entrepreneurs across four countries from 2010-2012, demonstrated that there are many social factors and barriers that can impede success.

Who we are

Developed by Dr Carolyn Downs of the Department of Leadership and Management at Lancaster University Management School, the Eliemental Project will create easily accessible learning materials to help our target groups identify their own personal barriers, to manage them effectively, and realise their own potential in creating their own business.

The Eliemental Project’s target groups include ethnic minorities and unemployed young individuals and women over the age of forty, whose access to education and/or wide social networks is often limited.

Breaking down barriers to enterprise

In collaboration with universities and research centres, higher education institutions, business organisations, and charities, the Eliemental Project will work within local communities throughout the UK, Poland, Greece and Romania.

Through such work, the Eliemental Project will identify invisible personal and communal social and structural barriers, and the effect such barriers have on the target audience and their access to enterprise. In response to this, the Eliemental Project will encourage enterprise and innovation through where social and community barriers restrict self-employment, and develop an accredited qualification in Enterprise Education available for target groups within these countries.

Get involved

If you live in one of the four project countries and would like to take part as a co-researcher or trainee entrepreneur, or think your organisation could host the Eliemental qualification, please get in touch via the project contact details found on the Eliemental project website.

If you live outside the four project countries but would like to take part as a host organisation for the EU qualification please feel free to contact the team to discuss our work through the link provided above.