Management Science Masters alumni profiles

The Department of Management Science has an outstanding reputation for postgraduate education in operational research, logistics, business analytics and management science. Find out what our graduates thought of their time at LUMS and how it has helped them in their careers.





Himanish Praharaj

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2013

Himanish is now working for Ernst & Young as an Operations Research Consultant.

James Vaughan

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2013

James now works in the public sector as a business technology analyst for a county council.

Vivian Segovia Barros

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2013

Vivian works now as a Lecturer at Universidad Arturo Prat in Chile.

Eric Maina

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

Studying in China as part of his degree enabled Eric to learn Mandarin and gain important cultural insights. He now works for Microsoft ESA.

Karen Azzopardi

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

After her Masters, Karen was recruited by Hewlett-Packard in the UK.

Johannes Mehlem

E-Business & Innovation MSc, 2012

Johannes now works for HubSpot in Dublin.

Alex Thexton

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

Alex works for KPMG as a management consultant.

Saad Rizwan

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

Not long after doing a degree in Business Administration, Saad decided to boost his skills with an MSc EBIN degree.

Fabio Petzhold Dias

MSc Management Science & Marketing Analytics, 2012

Fabio did his company project in Switzerland and also spent a term studying at National Chengchi University in Taipei.

Enyinnaya Mbagwu

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

Enyinnaya particularly liked the case-study approach of the degree and collaboration with guest lecturers from industry.

Dimitri Konstantinidis

MSc Operational Research and Management Science, 2012

For his summer consulting project Dimitri worked for the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust. He is now a management consultant at EC Harris.

Ervin Jarvlepp

MSc E-Business & Innovation, 2012

With another MSc EBIN alumnus, Ervin has founded Real Time Cloud Ltd.