PhD Management Science alumni profiles

Most of our doctoral graduates obtain faculty positions at universities all over the world. A smaller number find employment in the public or private sector. Find out what they think of the research environment in the department.



Juliana Santos

PhD Management Science, 2013

Juliana´s PhD focused on Expert Services for business markets such as engineering, software development, and technical advisory services. She is now Assistant Professor at Centro Universitário da FEI in Brazil.

Timo Kunz

PhD Management Science, 2013

After graduation, Timo went on to become a Data Scientist at Morrisons.

Lixian Qian

PhD Management Science, 2012

Lixian is presently working as a Lecturer at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Taghreed Al-Ghaith

PhD Management Science, 2011

Taghreed's PhD is in stakeholder management in information and communication technology strategic projects.

Tao Huang

PhD Management Science, 2011

Currently, Tao is working as a Lecturer in Marketing at Kent Business School.

James R Langabeer II

PhD Management Science, 2009

Jim's PhD was in analytical methods for decision making. He is now a member of faculty at the University of Texas.

Adelaide Carvalho

PhD Management Science, 2007

Trained in both computer science and management, Adelaide worked on innovative computer simulation for her PhD.

Justice Akpan

PhD Management Science, 2006

Justice started at LUMS on the MRes, then progressed to his PhD, which examined the application of virtual reality in computer simulation.

Alexey Artamonov

PhD Management Science, 2006

Alexey's PhD was on computer simulation for supply chain management. He is now an analytics manager for A. T. Kearney in London.

Preeprem Nonthaleerak

PhD Management Science, 2005

Preeprem researched Six Sigma and Quality Management for her PhD. She is now Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy at a university in Thailand.