Health Systems Research Group

The Health Systems Research Group is a grouping of management scientists with a common interest in the development and application of Operational Research, Operations Management and Information Systems methods and theories, quantitative and qualitative, to important health systems issues.

Whilst the health systems research issues tackled are wide and varied, many of them relate to the general challenges of helping health systems to make better use of available resources, in terms of both improving efficiency and improving patient experiences. Much of it concerns elements of knowledge transfer, be it between researchers and practitioners, between industry and healthcare, or between the health systems of different countries.

Research is undertaken in a variety of modes including longer-term research via PhD, Research Council funded projects, and NHS R&D funded projects; and shorter-term research via Masters student projects and consultancy projects. This mix of research modes means that shorter term projects designed to meet fast-moving organisational timescales can be informed by ongoing research and expertise, whilst longer-term research can benefit from genuine experience of the real issues faced within health systems. Examples of MRes/PhD research and Masters projects can be accessed below.

Management Science staff directly involved in health systems application of their disciplines include: Professor John Boylan (on behalf of the Marketing Analytics and Forecasting Research Group), Dr Roger Brooks, Professor David Brown, Dr Catherine Cleophas, Dr Trivikram Dokka, Emeritus Professor Richard Eglese, Professor Matthias Ehrgott, Dr Adam Hindle, Dr Peter Jacko, Dr Ahmed Kheiri, Emeritus Professor  Mike Pidd, Dr Kostas Selviaridis, Professor Monideepa Tarafdar, Dr Richard Williams, Dr Casey Wilson and Dr Dave Worthington.

A number of these people are also involved in collaborations with colleagues in other LUMS departments via the Centre for Research in Sustainable Healthcare or in multi-disciplinary projects across the University via the Health Innovation Campus.

Interested PhD candidates would normally have some knowledge of health systems and strong knowledge of some area of management science. Research topics and methodology can then be tailored to meet the needs and interests of the candidate and the interests and expertise of potential supervisors, for example:

  • performance management
  • waiting list management
  • impacts of spatial factors on health service delivery
  • health systems improvement
  • systems that transform patients-provider communication
  • systems to support health promotion planning
  • modelling patient flows in healthcare
  • Optimisation, analysis and simulation of Bayesian designs of adaptive clinical trials

If you have any queries you wish to discuss, please contact Dr Dave Worthington

If you would like to apply for a PhD, please see our PhD admissions page.

Previous and ongoing PhD projects include:

  • Empathic Design for Healthcare Improvement, Minahi Al Khatani (2008)
  • The Diffusion of Operations Research in Management Decision Making - An Analysis of U.S. Healthcare Organisations, Jim Langabeer (2009)
  • Generic simulation modelling of Accident and Emergency patient flows in acute hospitals in England, Adrian Fletcher (2012)
  • An Agent-Based Model of the IL-1 Stimulated Nuclear Factor-kappa B Signalling Pathway – Richard Williams, University of York (2015)
  • The development and application of an analytical healthcare model for understanding and improving hospital performance, Dan Suen (2016)
  • Managing radiotherapy treatment trade-offs using multi-criteria optimisation and data envelopment analysis, Kuan-Min Lin (2016)
  • Online Discrete Event Simulation for the Management of Inpatient Beds (Ongoing)
  • Bayesian Bandit Models for the Optimal Design of Clinical Trials (ongoing)
  • Stakeholder saliency dynamics in strategic ICT projects in the Saudi public healthcare system: appreciative systems perspective, Taghred Al-Ghaith (2013)

Recent MSc projects include:

  • Developing a generic simulation model for NHS England to better understand hospital bed occupancy by time of day and its impact on A&E performance.
  • Prostate cancer pathway modelling for Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Discrete Event Simulation of patient pathways for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) treatment for Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
  • Modelling the emergency response service in Blackpool Division for North West Ambulance Service
  • Strategic and operational modelling for Day Case servicesat the Lancashire Cardiac centre
  • Analysing A&E servicesat Hillingdon hospital – identifying the drivers of 4-hour breaches
  • Cost-effectiveness study of Ventricular Assist Devicesfor Warwick Evidence HTA Centre
  • Investigating a phased approach to the possible implementation of the FRG formulafor funding general practices for the Department of Health
  • Modelling clinical pathways for strokesfor PenCHORD, University of Exeter