Consultancy projects

Members of the HSRC have been involved with a wide range of consultancy projects involving research in areas such as the planning of services, hospital cost modelling, and in particular research on the spatial and geodemographic aspects of health service (and other public services) delivery strategies and operations. 

In this area of applied research we believe that we have built up a significant body of work and in many ways a unique area of expertise. Projects have ranged from high level funding and resource allocation studies to detailed operational modelling of service delivery.

We have worked in collaboration with many governmental bodies and agencies – health, social services, local government, countryside, police and others. Our projects have often involved working with teams from both academic and consulting organisations, including Dr Tony Hindle at HCS Ltd. for much of the spatial research, and have supported and been supported by PhD research and Masters level projects.

Here are some of the research projects and published articles we’ve been involved with recently:

Hospital Cost Modelling for the Northern Ireland Acute Hospitals Service
Estimating Board and Provider Costs in Northern Ireland with particular reference to Province-wide Hospital Services
Tribal Consulting, July 2006

Modelling Emergency Ambulance Services in Northern Ireland
NIAS, Belfast
Ambulance Response Times
A Hindle 2006

Predictive Episode Flow Modelling for Hospital Service Planning
Development of a Predictive Episode Flow Model for Northern Ireland.
Tribal Secta, October 2005

Modelling Road Casualty Numbers at a Local Level
Not yet published

Modelling Travel Distances and Times for Home Care and Day Care within Local Authorities in England with Particular Reference to Population Distribution Effects
Health Services Management Research (in press)
A Hindle, G Hindle and M Spollen

Developing indicators of the effect of geodemographic factors on cost and performance of public services
The Countryside Agency, London
Tribal Secta, 2004

Models to estimate average route lengths in different geographical environments
The Journal of the Operational Research Society. Vol.55, Iss. 6;  p 662
Adam Hindle,  D Worthington. 2004

Research on the differential costs of providing health and social services in areas across Northern Ireland arising through economies of scale
MSA Ferndale – Tribal Secta Group, Belfast
MSA Ferndale, 2003

Estimating travel-related effects of population distribution in the provision of domiciliary care to the elderly as a basis for improved PSS funding decisions
MSA Ferndale, Newport, Shropshire
MSA Ferndale, 2002

Resource allocation modelling for home-based health and social care services in areas having differential population density levels: a case study in Northern Ireland
Health Services Management Research, Vol. 13, 164-169
Hindle A Hindle Adam and Spollen M, 2000