Estimating travel-related effects of population distribution in the provision of domiciliary care to the elderly as a basis for improved PSS funding decisions

MSA Ferndale, 2002

This project was concerned with identifying the contribution to the costs of home care and day centre provision of geographical and spatial factors. Generally the quantum of costs influenced in this way has been seriously underestimated in previous work – mainly because such costs have been difficult to isolate within routine financial returns.

The Excel/MapPoint approach has led to detailed operational models of these services within sampled areas of English Shire Counties. It was found that travel-related costs accounted for a very substantial percentage of total costs (up to 17%) and that this has implications for both strategic choices and operational management – such as funding, numbers and locations of day centres, teamwork areas, routing and vehicle scheduling and so on. This work, sponsored by the County Councils Network, has been influential in supporting submissions to government concerning policies for shire county services in this area.