Masters student projects

Recent health systems Masters projects include:

  • Strategic and operational modelling for Day Case services at the Lancashire Cardiac centre (2013)

  • Analysing A&E services at Hillingdon hospital – identifying the drivers of 4-hour breaches (2013)

  • Cost-effectiveness study of Ventricular Assist Devices for Warwick Evidence HTA Centre (2012)

  • Investigating a phased approach to the possible implementation of the FRG formula for funding general practices for the Department of Health (2011)

  • Modelling clinical pathways for strokes for PenCHORD (2010) – written up as Martin Pitt, Thomas Monks, Paritosh Agarwal, David Worthington, Gary A Ford, Kennedy R Lees, Ken Stein, Martin A James, 2012 ‘Will delays in treatment jeopardise the population benefit from extending the time window for stroke thrombolysis?’, Stroke, vol 43, issue 11, pp2992-2997.

  • A review of access to dental services in North Lancashire for North Lancashire Primary Care Trust (2009)

  • Estimating the future impact of COPD for Derbyshire Primary Care Trust (2009)

  • Ambulance resource and location project – a report to the North West Ambulance Service (2006)
  • An investigation into the use of system dynamics as a health care intervention tool, in relation to the proposed Clean Air law for England (2006)
  • Defining modern day cost categories of care for HIV and AIDS patients at Mildmay Hospital in London, in conjunction with the York Health Economics Consortium (2006)
  • Scheduling radiologists for Morecambe Bay Hospital NHS Trust (2005)
  • Forecasting Winter bed requirements for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust (2004)
  • Scheduling appointments in ophthalmology outpatient clinics at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (2003), written up as: Worthington D, Goulsbra R & Rankin J (2005), Scheduling appointments in outpatient clinics - in Health Operations Management edited by Jan Vissers and Roger Beech, published by Routledge.
  • Planning a new NHS Walk-in Health Centre using Simulation Modelling – for Central Liverpool Primary Care Trust (2001), written up as: Ashton R, Hague L, Brandreth M, Worthington D & Cropper S (2005), A Simulation Based Study of a NHS Walk-in Centre, Journal of Operational Research Society,  Vol 56, pp153-161.