MRes/PhD research

Health systems are typically 'complex systems', even when viewed from a 'simple' management science perspective.

Hospital and community care are both complex systems, as they attempt to provide many services, via many resources to a wide range of types of patient. When the obvious human factors are also taken into account, e.g. many of the inputs, outputs and resources are human, the complexity grows. Add to this the setting of health services within societies whose expectations are driven by many factors within and without the health systems, and a research topic can be very rich indeed.

Recent health systems PhD theses include (click for further details):

Interested PhD candidates would normally have some knowledge of health systems and of management science. Research topics and methodology can then be tailored to meet the needs and interests of the candidate and the interests and expertise of potential supervisors, for example:

  • planning for primary care
  • performance management
  • integrating hard & soft approaches
  • waiting list management
  • modelling queues in healthcare
  • multivariate statistical methods
  • impacts of spatial factors on health service delivery
  • health systems improvement
  • systems that transform patients-provider communication
  • systems to support health promotion planning
  • modelling patient flows in heathcare