The Impact of Unit Management Policies on Availability and Utilisation of Intensive Care Beds

Ruth Kowalczyk (2002)

The provision of an intensive care service is extremely costly and demand for the service is increasing. Because of the complexity within intensive care, quantitative methods and qualitative methods are used together to develop understanding of the factors affecting ICU management and to identify ways in which performance can be improved.

The successful management of intensive care is dependent upon a complex and interacting set of factors. Insights drawn from combining quantitative and qualitative methods are relevant for strategic policy making, as well as to support and challenge decisions at an operational level.

This thesis developed a 'practical realist' approach to modelling pertinent management structures within the NHS. 'Multimethodological' research approaches were applied—combining quantitative and qualitative models—to generate a better understanding and improvement of intensive care processes.

Funded by NHS.