Research Council and other funded research

EPSRC funded research programme on Simulation Modelling of a District General Hospital for Performance Measurement (2005-08) – £165,000. Professor Mike Pidd and Murat Gunal and our collaborators, Gwyn Bevan and Alec Morton from London School of Economics, and Peter C Smith from University of York

The Lawson Foundation, 2006, The clinical and economic impacts of eHealth on diabetes. $100,000 (Downey, A, Chiasson, M, Pacaud, D, and Kelley, H)

Canadian Diabetes Foundation, 2005, Assessment of an Alternative Model Using Telemedicine for Medical Follow-up of Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. $60,000, (Pacaud, D, Currie, G, and Chiasson, M )

NHS Executive (NW), Final Report 2001 - 'Information Support for Health Care Purchasing' (£80,000) (with Gatrell, A and Hollis, S)

NHS Executive (NW), Final Report 1999 - 'Variations in Access, Uptake and Equity: Radiology Services' (£38,000) (with Daziel, M and Robinson, P)

EEC (1993/4) - £13,200 to compare the Health Systems of EC countries and candidate countries.