Simulation Modelling of a District General Hospital for Performance Measurement (2005-08)

Professor Mike Pidd and Murat Gunal - £165,000

Performance measurement occurs in virtually all organisations, but is particularly difficult in organisations tasked to deliver public services. This is because they have a diffuse set of stakeholders and desirable outcomes can be assessed against multiple criteria.

The current national performance assessment framework stresses waiting lists and waiting times. It seems sensible to assume that the availability of systems models, preferably with some generic features, would enable the development of better performance metrics and measurement systems. We are developing stochastic simulation models with enough generic features to allow them to be configured by trained users who wish to investigate the performance of district general hospitals.

The models will simulate the operation of an acute hospital in enough detail to investigate the effect of performance assessment regimes. Thus, the objectives are:

  • To develop configurable, generic simulation models of acute hospitals
  • To demonstrate their use in improving performance measurement
  • To gain and disseminate insight into the use of modelling approaches in improving the practice of performance measurement

The idea is that the model(s) will be used to inform the development of better performance measurement and assessment frameworks. The research is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and supported by the Department of Health. MBHT has agreed to co-operate in the development of prototype models and is, of course, free to use the models in managing its own service provision. This research is also contributing to a PhD for Murat Gunal.

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