The clinical and economic impacts of eHealth on diabetes

Downey, A, Chiasson, M, Pacaud, D, and Kelley, H  - $100,000

The project involves the systematic evaluation and comparison of traditional face-to-face education mode with two eHealth education modes (static electronic interface and dynamic electronic interface) developed specifically for this project.  Specifically, our research objectives are:

  1. to assess how people with diabetes use eHealth technologies to find diabetes-related information and how this information affects their metabolic control, self-care management practices and knowledge, and utilisation of medical resources
  2. to assess whether the outcomes of diabetes education programs delivered via eHealth technologies are different from the traditional face-to-face diabetes education program currently in use at the CHR; and
  3. to assess the economic impact on the health care system of different diabetes education delivery modes using an economic model developed in prior health cost/benefit research.