Optimisation Research Centre students

Current PhD students

Hasan Mansoor
Solving Hard Optimisation Problems with Relaxation, Decomposition and Heuristics

Anh Vu
Cliques and Colourings

Zhaoyu (Joe) Zhong
Applications of optimisation in communication systems

Past PhD students

Ethan Liu
Year awarded: 2016
Thesis Title: Optimization over the Nondominated Set of a Multi-objective Optimisation Problem

Kuan-Min Lin
Year awarded: 2016
Thesis Title: Managing radiotheraphy treatment trade-offs using multi-criteria optimisation and data envelopment analysis

Pedro Crespo del Granado
Year awarded: 2015
Thesis Title: The value of energy storage from intermittent renewables: an end user perspective in Smart Grids

Saeideh Dehgan Nasiri - OR Society Doctoral Award Runner Up Winner 2014
Year awarded: 2014
Thesis Title: Vehicle Routing on Real Road Networks

Franklin Djeumou Fomenijoint Kingsman Prize 2014 winner
Year awarded: 2014
Thesis Title: The Quadratic Knapsack Problem and Related Problems

Seb Miller
Year awarded: 2013
Thesis Title: Simple Plant Location Problem: Heuristics, Algorithms and Reductions

Andrew Macpherson
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: On the design of policies for the inspection, repair and replacement of 2-phase systems subject to ageing. When can error-prone sensors help?

Jiani Qian
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: Fuel Emission Optimisation in Vehicle Routing Problems with Time-Varying Speeds

Colin Paterson - joint Kingsman Prize 2012 winner
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: Hybrid Lateral Transshipments: Reactive Rebalancing in Supply Networks

Devin Li - OR Society Doctoral Prize runner up winner 2011
Year awarded: 2011
Thesis Title: An approximate Dynamic Programming approach to the scheduling of impatient jobs in a clearing system

Qianxin Mu 
Year awarded: 2010
Thesis Title: Disruption Management in Vehicle Routing and Schedule

Arne Strauss  - Kingsman Prize Award Winner 2010 and OR Society Doctoral Prize Winner 2010
Year awarded - 2010
Thesis title: Optimisation in Choice-Based Network Revenue Management

Konstantinos Kaparis - Kingsman Prize Award Winner 2008 and OR Society Doctoral Prize Winner 2008
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Knapsack problems: inequalities, separation and heuristics

Dan Grainger
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Contributions to Quadratic 0-1 Programming

Amar Oukil
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Exploiting sparsity in vehicle routing algorithms

William Maden
Year awarded: 2006
Thesis title: Models and heuristic algorithms for complex routing and scheduling problems

Nicholas A. Pearson - Kingsman Prize Award Winner
Year awarded: 2005
Thesis title: Minimum cuts, circuits and tours in planar graphs

Wing Cheong Tham
Year awarded: 2005
Thesis title: Depot location-routing models based on a real supply chain network

U. Farouk Aminu
Year awarded: 2003
Thesis title: Investigating constraint programming approaches to arc routing

Michael Wright
Year awarded: 2003
Thesis awarded by publication

Babak Sohrabi
Year awarded: 2000
Thesis title: Solving large-scale distribution problems using heuristic algorithms

Andre R.S. Amaral
Year awarded: 1999
Thesis title: Solution methods for cutting and packing problems

Adam N. Letchford
Year awarded: 1997
Thesis title: Polyhedral results for some constrained arc routing problems

Matthew D. Stevenson
Year awarded: 1997
Thesis title: Skeletal route formation for an express parcel company.

Richard C. Marett
Year awarded: 1995
Thesis title: Neighborhood search techniques for multi-objective combinatorial problems.

Hamayoun Khamooshi
Year awarded: 1994
Thesis title: Heuristic methods for resource scheduling in project networks.

Jose C.S. Brandao
Year awarded: 1994
Thesis title: A decision support system and algorithms for vehicle routing and scheduling.

Leon Y.O. Li
Year awarded: 1992
Thesis title: Vehicle routeing for winter gritting.

Joao M.F. Rosa
Year awarded: 1992
Thesis title: Mathematical programming applied to diet problems in a Brazilian region.

Kazem Shamshiri
Year awarded: 1991
Thesis title: Effective heuristic techniques for tackling resource-constrained scheduling problems.