Optimisation Research Group students

Current PhD students

Jake Clarkson
Optimal Search Accounting for Speed and Detection Capability
Supervisors: Kevin Glazebrook, Peter Jacko and Chris Kirkbride

Francis Garuba
Robust and Stochastic Approaches to Network Design
Supervisors: Peter Jacko and Marc Goerigk

Stephen Ford
Dynamic Allocation of Assets Subject to Failure and Replenishment
Supervisors: Kevin Glazebrook and Peter Jacko

Martin Hughes
Meta-heuristics in Robust Optimisation
Supervisors: Marc Goerigk and Mike Wright

Hasan Mansoor
Solving Hard Optimisation Problems with Relaxation, Decomposition and Heuristics
Supervsiors: Vikram Dokka and Adam Letchford

Ugur Satic
Simulation and Optimization of Scheduling Policies in Dynamic Stochastic Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Environments
Supervisors: Peter Jacko and Chris Kirkbride

Anh Vu
Cliques and Colourings
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Faye Williamson
Bayesian Bandit Models for the Optimal Design of Clinical Trials
Supervisors: Peter Jacko and Thomas Jaki

Zhaoyu (Joe) Zhong
Applications of optimisation in communication systems
Supervisors: Adam Letchford and Qiang Ni

Past PhD students

Ethan Liu
Year awarded: 2016
Thesis Title: Optimization over the Nondominated Set of a Multi-objective Optimisation Problem
Supervisor: Matthias Ehrgott

Kuan-Min Lin
Year awarded: 2016
Thesis Title: Managing radiotheraphy treatment trade-offs using multi-criteria optimisation and data envelopment analysis
Supervisor: Matthias Ehrgott

Pedro Crespo del Granado
Year awarded: 2015
Thesis Title: The value of energy storage from intermittent renewables: an end user perspective in Smart Grids
Supervisors: Zhan Pang and Stein W Wallace

Saeideh Dehgan Nasiri - OR Society Doctoral Award Runner Up Winner 2014
Year awarded: 2014
Thesis Title: Vehicle Routing on Real Road Networks
Supervisors: AdamLetchford and Stein W Wallace

Franklin Djeumou Fomenijoint Kingsman Prize 2014 winner
Year awarded: 2014
Thesis Title: The Quadratic Knapsack Problem and Related Problems
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Seb Miller
Year awarded: 2013
Thesis Title: Simple Plant Location Problem: Heuristics, Algorithms and Reductions
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Andrew Macpherson
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: On the design of policies for the inspection, repair and replacement of 2-phase systems subject to ageing. When can error-prone sensors help?
Supervisor: Kevin Glazebrook

Jiani Qian
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: Fuel Emission Optimisation in Vehicle Routing Problems with Time-Varying Speeds
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Colin Paterson - joint Kingsman Prize 2012 winner
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: Hybrid Lateral Transshipments: Reactive Rebalancing in Supply Networks
Supervisor: Kevin Glazebrook

Devin Li - OR Society Doctoral Prize runner up winner 2011
Year awarded: 2011
Thesis Title: An approximate Dynamic Programming approach to the scheduling of impatient jobs in a clearing system
Supervisor: Kevin Glazebrook

Qianxin Mu 
Year awarded: 2010
Thesis Title: Disruption Management in Vehicle Routing and Schedule
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Arne Strauss  - Kingsman Prize Award Winner 2010 and OR Society Doctoral Prize Winner 2010
Year awarded - 2010
Thesis title: Optimisation in Choice-Based Network Revenue Management
Supervisor: Joern Meissner

Konstantinos Kaparis - Kingsman Prize Award Winner 2008 and OR Society Doctoral Prize Winner 2008
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Knapsack problems: inequalities, separation and heuristics
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Dan Grainger
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Contributions to Quadratic 0-1 Programming
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Amar Oukil
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: Exploiting sparsity in vehicle routing algorithms
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

William Maden
Year awarded: 2006
Thesis title: Models and heuristic algorithms for complex routing and scheduling problems
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Nicholas A. Pearson - Kingsman Prize Award Winner
Year awarded: 2005
Thesis title: Minimum cuts, circuits and tours in planar graphs
Supervisor: Adam Letchford

Wing Cheong Tham
Year awarded: 2005
Thesis title: Depot location-routing models based on a real supply chain network
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

U. Farouk Aminu
Year awarded: 2003
Thesis title: Investigating constraint programming approaches to arc routing
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Michael Wright
Year awarded: 2003
Thesis awarded by publication

Babak Sohrabi
Year awarded: 2000
Thesis title: Solving large-scale distribution problems using heuristic algorithms
Supervisors: Richard Eglese and Alan Mercer

Andre R.S. Amaral
Year awarded: 1999
Thesis title: Solution methods for cutting and packing problems
Supervisor: Mike Wright

Adam N. Letchford
Year awarded: 1997
Thesis title: Polyhedral results for some constrained arc routing problems
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Matthew D. Stevenson
Year awarded: 1997
Thesis title: Skeletal route formation for an express parcel company.
Supervisor: Alan Mercer

Richard C. Marett
Year awarded: 1995
Thesis title: Neighborhood search techniques for multi-objective combinatorial problems.
Supervisor: Mike Wright

Hamayoun Khamooshi
Year awarded: 1994
Thesis title: Heuristic methods for resource scheduling in project networks.
Supervisor: Mike Wright

Jose C.S. Brandao
Year awarded: 1994
Thesis title: A decision support system and algorithms for vehicle routing and scheduling.
Supervisor: Alan Mercer

Leon Y.O. Li
Year awarded: 1992
Thesis title: Vehicle routeing for winter gritting.
Supervisor: Richard Eglese

Joao M.F. Rosa
Year awarded: 1992
Thesis title: Mathematical programming applied to diet problems in a Brazilian region.
Supervisor: Alan Mercer

Kazem Shamshiri
Year awarded: 1991
Thesis title: Effective heuristic techniques for tackling resource-constrained scheduling problems.
Supervisor: Graham Rand