Current Students of Supply Chain Management Research Group

Current PhD students:  

Amy Benstead
Socially sustainable supply chain managemen

Kasmaruddin Che Hussin
A study on effectiveness of Lean Healthcare Practice towards Supply Chain Innovation for Malaysain healthcare industry

Yiyi Fan
The role of social capital in mitigating supplier risk

Aline Fernandes
Supply network dynamics that occur in transient organizational settings

Alesia Gugkang
Operations/ Supply Chain Sustainability issues

Xiaoyue Tan
Socially Responsible Sourcing from High Technology Industries China

Recent Past PhD students:

Maysara Sayed
Year awarded: 2017
Is it possible to successfully apply lean in global supply chains (GSCH)?

Jie Zhu
Year awarded: 2017
Building horizontal logistics collaboration system: operational models and information system

Sundus Altayama
Year awarded: 2016
Managerial perceptions and practices of political risk assessment: the case of Kuwaiti multinational companies

Zheng (Natu) Xu
Year awarded: 2016
Adoption and Implementation of Enterprise Systems in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in China – Contrasting User and Provider Experience

Benjamin Tukamuhabwa
Year awarded: 2016
Logistics capabilities and SME supply chain resilience in Uganda

Morphis Tsalikidis
Year awarded: 2015
The application of quality management tools and techniques within a service/transactional environment

Steve Kelly
Year awarded: 2015
Organisational power over contractual behaviour in the procurement of services

Muddassir Ahmed
Year awarded: 2015
The systematic selection of Supplier Development activities and continuous improvement tools & methodology in the manufacturing environment

Fahian Huq
Year awarded: 2015
To what extent Buyer-Supplier Collaboration during New Product Development Leads to Sustainability

Mohammad Najjar
Year awarded: 2014
The Adoption and Propagation of Socially Responsible Practices across the Supply Chain: An Innovation Perspective

Maulana M. Syuhada
Year awarded: 2014
The Value of Information Sharing in a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain: a Simulation Study

Juliana Bonomi Santos
Year awarded: 2013
Operations Management Perspectives on Expert Services

Gabriel Mandujano Garcia
Year awarded: 2013
Operations Strategy in Start-Up Organizations

Bulut Aslan
Year awarded: 2011
Enterprise systems assessment on small-to medium-size companies employing make-to-order production strategy

Yuan Huang
Year awarded: 2011
Thesis Title: Workload Control (WLC): Success in Practice

Eliot Simangunsong
Year awarded: 2010
Thesis title: Supply chain uncertainty: Linking sources of uncertainty and management practices

Oliverio Cruz-Mejia 
Year awarded: 2010
Thesis Title: Merge-in-Transit Supply Chains: Operations Analysis

Kostas Selviaridis
Year awarded: 2008
Thesis Title: The Process of Service Definition in Third Party Logistics Relationships

Nitty Kamarulzaman
Year awarded: 2007
Thesis Title: An emperical investigation into the development of e-supply chains in the Malaysian palm oil industry

Hongyan Jenny Li
Year awarded: 2007
Thesis Title: Capacity Optimization for Supply Chains