Research Group on Transport and Logistics

Transportation and logistics systems are of vital importance for the efficient functioning of the socio-economic activities of any modern society. The organization and structure of global supply chains heavily rely on the efficient functioning of transportation and logistical systems. Although transportation and logistics contribute to the socio-economic activities they consume significant resources, e.g. energy, space, and create substantial externalities. 

Advances in information and communication technologies make possible the acquisition, transmission, and processing of big data that can track, monitor, and manage transportation and logistics assets around the globe. The availability of big data coupled with predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics provide huge opportunities for better understanding and managing transportation and logistical systems. 

The Transportation & Logistics Research Group uses a problem-led interdisciplinary research approach to provide cutting-edge sustainable solutions leading to the continuous improvement of Transportation and Logistical systems. Our research interests cover a wide spectrum of issues associated with the organization, planning, design, operation, and control of Transportation and Logistical systems. Currently, our research activities  focus on airport and air traffic management, hazardous materials transportation, demand responsive transport systems, multimodal itinerary planning, emergency response and humanitarian logistics, green and city logistics, and project management. 

PhD Research Opportunities

Whilst the group is always willing to discuss the ideas of potential PhD students or external collaborators, there are also several ongoing research projects that you may want to get involved in. These are listed below. On the following pages further details of each project are given.

If you are interested in a topic not listed above you should write a brief description of the topic and why it may be of interest to a potential supervisor, sending it to the group’s coordinator, listed at the bottom of this page.

Students working in Transport  and Logistics  can also draw on the expertise of additional staff associated with the Lancaster Centre for Transport and Logistics Research (CENTRAL). There are regular informal discussions and meetings where students can test out their ideas or discuss the latest research papers. The Centre supports students to get involved in research projects.

The academic member of staff associated with this research area are Professor Konstantinos G. Zografos (group coordinator), Dr Burak Boyaci, Professor Matthias Ehrgott, Professor Richard Eglese, Dr Michael Epitropakis, Dr Nikos Kourentzes, Professor Adam LetchfordDr Guglielmo Lulli and Dr Kostas Selviaridis.

Current and past PhD student members are listed here.

If you would like to apply for a PhD, please see our PhD admissions page.