Transport and Logistics Research Group Students


Current PhD students

Kasmaruddin Che Hussin (Kostas Selviaridis)
Managing of supply chain services

Ramin Raessi (Konstantinos G Zografos)
Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Static and Real-Time Green Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems

Patrick Saoud (Nikos Kourentzes and John Boylan)
Modelling the impact and propagation of promotions throughout supply chain networks.

Chrissy Wright (Konstantinos G Zografos and Nikos Kourentzes)
Modelling and Solving Dynamic and Stochastic Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problems using efficiently forecasted link attribute

Sofoclis Zambirinis (Richard Eglese)
Disruption management in vehicle routing


Past PhD students

Saeideh Dehghan Nasiri
Year awarded: 2015
Vehicle routing on real road networks

Liang Wen
Year awarded: 2014
Cost Optimization in Vehicle Routing Problems with Time-Depedent Speeds and Road Toll Pricing

Seb Miller
Year awarded: 2013
Simple plant location problem: heuristics, algorithms and reductions

Jiani Qian
Year awarded: 2012
Thesis Title: Fuel Emission Optimisation in Vehicle Routing Problems with Time-Varying Speeds

Qianxin Mu 
Year awarded: 2010
Thesis Title: Disruption Management in Vehicle Routing and Schedule

Amar Oukil
Year awarded: 2008
Exploiting sparsity in vehicle routing algorithms