Research topics

Analysis of Tactical Decisions within Sports
Boolean Networks
Component-based Computer Simulation
Counterfeiting-resilient Supply Chains
Cutting Plane Methods for Combinatorial Optimisation
Developing & Solving Itinerary Planning Models
Developing Company Improvement Models
Development of a Bi-objective Branch & Bound Algorithm
Cliques and Colourings
Dynamic Routing of Customers in Queueing Systems
Effect of E-business on Operations in SMEs
Efficient Algorithms for Data Envelopment Analysis
Assignment mechanisms for the “fair” allocation of resources
Lagrangian Heuristics for Optimisation Problems
LANCS Initiative PhD Projects in Forecasting
Lateral Transhipments in Supply Chains (Inventory Control)
Management of Multi-location Inventory Systems
Management of the Outsourcing of Warranty Repair Work
Metaheuristic Search Techniques: Design, Analysis & Implementation
Modelling & Solving Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Problems
Modelling Patient Flows in Healthcare
Modelling Queues in Healthcare
Models and Algorithms for Supporting Strategic Tactical and Operational Decision
Novel Approaches to the Optimal Control of Complex Random Systems
Optimising Airport Slot Allocation Considering Network-Wide Interactions
Quality Practices in Particular Countries/Organisations
Stochastic Models for Dynamic Resource Allocation
Uncertainty in the Supply Chain