Research topics

Analysis of Tactical Decisions within Sports
Boolean Networks
Component-based Computer Simulation
Counterfeiting-resilient Supply Chains
Developing & Solving Itinerary Planning Models
Developing Company Improvement Models
Development of a Bi-objective Branch & Bound Algorithm
Disruption Management in Vehicle Routing & Scheduling
Dynamic Routing of Customers in Queueing Systems
Effect of E-business on Operations in SMEs
Efficient Algorithms for Data Envelopment Analysis
Exact Methods and Bounds
Exploring the Nature of Offshoring & Backshoring Decisions
Lagrangian Heuristics for Optimisation Problems
LANCS Initiative PhD Projects in Forecasting
Lateral Transhipments in Supply Chains (Inventory Control)
Management of Multi-location Inventory Systems
Management of the Outsourcing of Warranty Repair Work
Metaheuristic Search Techniques: Design, Analysis & Implementation
Modelling & Solving Vehicle Routing & Scheduling Problems
Modelling Patient Flows in Healthcare
Modelling Queues in Healthcare
Models and Algorithms for Supporting Strategic Tactical and Operational Decision
New Approaches to Zero-One Quadratic Programmes
Non-Convex Quadratically-Constrained Quadratic Programmes
Novel Approaches to the Optimal Control of Complex Random Systems
Optimisation Problems Arising in Telecommunications
Optimising Airport Slot Allocation Considering Network-Wide Interactions
Quadratic 0-1 Programming
Quality Practices in Particular Countries/Organisations
Semidefinite Relaxations
Stochastic Models for Dynamic Resource Allocation
Towards Sustainable Sourcing Decisions
Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming
Uncertainty in the Supply Chain
Vehicle Routing Problems