Metaheuristic Search Techniques – design, analysis and implementation

For many complex optimisation problems it is impossible to come up with a method which will guarantee to produce an optimal solution in the time available. In such circumstances we need to use a different approach. One such approach is the use of Metaheuristic Search Techniques.

Mike Wright has for many years been researching into the design, analysis and implementation of a variety of metaheuristic techniques for solving complex real-life problems, especially those for which there are several types of objective. Practical applications have included school timetabling and the scheduling of fixtures and officials for sports leagues, in particular for English professional cricket, but he is interested in a wide variety of types of application.

Possible PhD research topics could be centred either around a technique (or set of techniques) or around a type of application. The research would involve a great deal of experimental computational analysis, and thus programming skills in a high-level language (e.g. C++) are essential.

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