Steven White

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Senior Business Analyst, Severn Trent Water

The degree which Steven studied, BSc Operations Management, is no longer available. It has been superseded by BSc Business Analytics and Consultancy. 

I chose Lancaster because of it was a top-ranked Equis-accredited management school and my degree in Operations Management because of the world-renowned reputation of the research – and I have never looked back!

All of the staff at Lancaster are very friendly and always make time for you. Whenever I was stuck on a question or didn’t understand something from class, they were very welcoming and took the time to explain things clearly or pointed me in the right direction.

The degree offered flexibility in module choice, allowing me to decide which areas I wanted to specialise in. Taking modules in innovations in supply chain management and management information systems, I wanted to use these taught principles in the real world. This ambition was achieved when I was recruited as a business analyst for Astrium, a world leader in aerospace and defence, building satellites, ground stations, dealing with military hardware, software and systems integration.

The knowledge I gleaned from Lancaster has helped me immensely in my job. I have been able to offer a new perspective on current ways of doing things, and having streamlined processes to eliminate waste, I have generated annual savings over £500k in 18 months. I now report directly to the Chief Operations Officer and advise him on workforce planning and recruitment strategies for 600+ staff in three UK sites. None of this would have been possible without the knowledge from my Operations Management degree.

I really enjoyed my time at Lancaster as it provided not only an excellent academic experience but a great social environment as well. I still keep in contact with my housemates, classmates and staff, and I am sure our relationships will continue to grow in the future.

Steven has since taken a post in business planning analysis for Severn Trent Water.