Business Modelling and Analytics

This country suffers greatly from the fact that large numbers of people do not possess even a rudimentary understanding of data, basic statistics and probability. This module is the first of two (the second being MNGT 213 in your second year) which aims to help you attain such understanding at a reasonable level.

The area of employment most closely linked to the syllabus is called 'Business Analysis' or 'Business Analytics' (a more modern term). All major organisations employ several business analysts (though they sometimes are called something different) and it is certain that very many of you will find yourself working as a business analyst in a placement, internship or graduate job. Your coursework exercise for MSCI 110 will therefore involve you working as a junior business analyst on a simple but realistic case study and reporting results and conclusions to a fictional boss.

Some of you may have previously studied the quantitative techniques involved, but this module covers much more than just techniques. You will find that the teaching and your learning will be a bit different from that normally encountered in a mathematically-focused statistics course. Others of you may believe that an understanding of these issues is not relevant – if you still believe this when you come to apply for graduate jobs, internships or placements related to business or management you will get a nasty shock. This module aims to shake you out of these beliefs before they can get you into serious harm.

As well as the rudiments of statistics and probability, you will also be introduced to the use of Excel, which is in very wide use in all sorts of organisations throughout the world. Some of you may believe that you know all about Excel already, but it is almost certain that this module will teach you several useful tricks you can use with Excel that will prove invaluable for you in your future students and employment.

Terms taught Lent
Credits 8 ECTS or 16 UK

This module is compulsory for students taking MNGT 110 or MNGT 120.
It is not available to any other students.

Assessment 40% coursework
40% exam
20% multiple-choice test