Placement year – extending your work experience

Whether or not you register initially for a degree in which an industrial placement is a formal requirement – as with the four-year industry variant of our Business Analytics and Consultancy degree – if you are studying on one of our majors, you have the option of including a one-year paid work placement between your second and third years of study as part of your degree. This will be in an approved role where you will be able to apply the kinds of skill that your Lancaster degree is helping you develop.

Practical benefits

Although spending a year in a company extends your period of study, it can have many different benefits. It helps you to make connections between the theories you are studying and day-to-day business realities. It allows you to acquire new skills, and will almost certainly make you more confident about what your strengths are and how to sell those to employers – those who take this option often find it easier to get a job after they complete their degree. It can also be a great way to assess which direction you would like to go in when you graduate.

Capturing the learning

Choosing to do this work experience also means that you take one additional unit for your degree, ie making it a nine-unit scheme rather than eight. This extra module is an action learning unit: a dissertation which requires you to relate academic theory to some aspect of the work that you were involved in during your placement year. As part of this module, you will also be assessed in some of the work carried out during that year.

Find out more about placements – and how the School helps you to find a suitable placement in one of the many organisations with whom we have strong links.