Study abroad – extend your horizons

  • Learning about different cultures
  • Understanding more about business practices around the world
  • Expanding your future professional networks
  • Making new friends

LUMS is a highly international school, and you'll do all these things at Lancaster. But if you want to pack as much international experience as possible into your degree, spending time studying at one of Lancaster's partner institutions is a great way to do it.

On the 'study abroad' variant of the Business Analytics and Consultancy degree which you apply for through UCAS, you spend a whole academic year at one of our North American or Asian partner institutions as a formal part of your degree. Competition for entry to all Study Abroad programmes is quite fierce, and higher entry grades apply.

Opportunities once you arrive

Joining one of our other programmes does necessarily cut off your options to study abroad. If you decide during your first year that you would like to spend time abroad, you can compete for a place to spend a summer, a term or even a year abroad, provided you do sufficiently well in your first year of studies.

Students from the Department have won places, for example, on the annual China Summer School, a packed three-week programme run by the Beijing Foreign Studies University. Here students learn about Chinese culture and society, study Mandarin and take elective classes in various subjects, such as calligraphy and Tai Chi.