Marketing alumni profiles

Find out what our graduates thought of their time studying marketing at LUMS, and how their study has helped them in their careers.





Kerstin Karu

BSc Marketing, 2013

Kerstin relished the project work on her programme. She also took an active role in the Lancaster Entrepreneurs Society.

Charli Stevenson

BSc Marketing with Psychology, 2013

Charli has written for both the student newspaper (SCAN) and the Cartmel College magazine and is now pursuing a career in event management.

Alexandra Mishenina

BSc Marketing, 2013

After her Marketing degree Alexandra decided to stay on at LUMS to study for a Masters degree. She works for EY.

Vaishali Vaghela

BSc Marketing, 2013

Vaishali undertook a degree in Marketing, whilst at Lancaster she completed a placement at Johnson & Johnson and is now working for Bezier.

Andrew Hawkins

PhD Marketing, 2012

Andrew completed his PhD part-time while working in a senior management role for Microsoft.

Akshay Goenka

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

Akshay is now working for the National Indian Students Union as Vice President Marketing.

Paola Ivanova

BA Advertising and Marketing, 2012

After her MSc Paola worked for a digital marketing agency in Manchester.

Diogo Miragaia

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

Diogo now works as an Account Manager for Microsoft in Portugal.

April Gao

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

April now works as a Brand Manager for Tinghsin International in China.

Tingting Zhong

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

Tingting embraced every moment of the AMM course and student life at Lancaster University.

Linda Eugenia Garcia Pineda

MSc Advanced Marketing Management, 2012

Linda was awarded a scholarship to do a Study Abroad term in China after completing her MSc. She now works in fresh foods inventory control for Costco in Mexico.

Kristian Gwizdak

BSc Marketing Management, 2012

Kristian spent his placement year in the south of France. He went on to complete a Masters and is now an analyst with Accenture.