April Gao

Country of origin: China

Brand Manager, Tinghsin International Group

I have always been interested in marketing. After spending four university years learning about advertising, I found myself interested more in how to deliver, rather than create, the adverts. A part-time job as a Marketer during university time convinced me even more that this was an area for me. I succeeded in doubling sales through online marketing campaigns. However, I found myself eager to know why the clients have left, what other options they were considering and for what reason I lost the connection with them.

Meanwhile, Lancaster University Management School caught my eye because of its prestigious ranking position for marketing, excellent public reputation and harmonious environment. By narrowing down the number of programmes to choose from, I decided to study Advanced Marketing Management MSc  (AMM) because of its strong first impression it made on me, making me think it could answer all my questions. It turned out I was totally right. AMM did give me an opportunity to connect with the FMCG industry, which I always felt curious about and was inclined to spend my future career in. What’s more, lecturers I met in LUMS were so experienced in this industry that they were able to give me real-world guidance. Not only were they ready to help me, but also gave me advice from a real life perspective. That meant I could listen to their recommendations and start my work right away.

Looking back on my experience at Lancaster, I often feel grateful for the group works we undertook. That was when I learnt to appreciate the work of my teammates and figure out in which way to make the best use of my skills to support the team. The diversity of the AMM class allowed me to meet people of different personalities from all over the world and the group work let me understand how to collaborate with each one of them well.

Since returning to China, I have had two jobs. Initially, I worked as a Marketing Manager for UBM, promoting the world’s largest sourcing event for children's baby products. The employer is a UK-based company, thus of course my educational background helped much to get the job. Afterwards, I entered the FMCG industry, for which I have always had a passion. I now work as a Brand Manager in Tinghsin International Group in China, focusing on the product package and brand communication. I am applying what I learnt from Lancaster University and have confidence to perform well. Now, I realise how wise the decision I made was!