Justine Lacaille

Country of origin: France

Marketing Communications Assistant, L'Artisan Parfumeur

Before coming to Lancaster University Management School to take the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management I did a Bachelor in European Business for which I spent the first two years in France, at the CESEM (Reims Management School) and the third and fourth year at Dublin City University in Ireland. Lancaster, DCU and the CESEM are part of the same network: the IPBS network. Therefore I already knew about the reputation of Lancaster University.

When I was studying in Ireland, I decided to specialise in Marketing after a six-month internship as a Marketing Assistant in Dublin at Zumo Smoothie Bar international. In the final year of my bachelor degree I thought that it would be beneficial to continue with a Masters degree because of the economic climate, but also because I felt that I was not ready to work yet!

I chose to study in the UK because it is renowned as being quite advanced in marketing and because I wanted to study in a third country. I applied to so many different universities! I finally chose Lancaster because I thought that it was a very thorough and well-thought-out programme. Compared to other Marketing Masters in other universities we cannot choose the modules we want to study. But if some think that it is a flaw, I thought it was actually better. Indeed, this programme tackles everything that a Marketing Manager should know, even some stuff like Pricing or Distribution Channels that are less ‘glamorous’ or ‘fun’.

When I think about what I have learnt during this past year in Lancaster, what I will remember is that, above all the theories on different topics, it got us to THINK and to think hard, to challenge the unchallenged. Peter Lenney, the programme Director, gave us the tools and the keys to think critically and make our own opinions. It is not because something is published that we should take for granted that it is good!

I thought that the Dissertation process was well prepared; we were trained to do every part of what is required in a dissertation (literature review, methodology) during the two taught semesters. So in the end we acquired the method of how to cope with such a huge project. There are projects offered by the University to the students, or they can come up with their own. I had the chance to be able to combine my passion for perfumes and marketing. I found a collaborating company in France who agreed to let me interview its community members. In the end, it was actually quite nice to work on my dissertation!

With Lancaster University I had the opportunity to do a Masters Study Abroad scheme in Taiwan at the National Cheng Chi University in Taipei. It was such a wonderful experience and it was nice to meet again in Asia students that I met in Lancaster!

As I aimed to work in the perfume industry, I sent my CV to all the brands that I knew. Several months later, one of my favourite brands L’Artisan Parfumeur asked me if I was still looking for a job. Only three months after coming back from Taiwan, I am now the new Marketing Communications Assistant of L’Artisan Parfumeur in London and I’m super excited about that!

As a conclusion, I will remember from my stay in Lancaster that I (re)learnt how to think, I met students from all over the world and some became my best friends, and that we were working hard but always being supported by the teachers and the administration. In the end I feel that I have learnt something useful for my future career, and that is what matters.