Nuttasiri Pakarnseree

Country of origin: Thailand

Trade Marketing Manager, Chevron (Thailand) Ltd

Before coming to Lancaster, I had obtained a BA in Finance with a minor in Marketing in my home country, Thailand. I'd also worked for several years in product and category management with two multinational companies: Carrefour and Nestlé.

Through my work experience I realised that marketing was my ideal career, and I wanted to further develop my expertise in it. I thought that an opportunity to study marketing in depth - at a reputable institution in a western environment - would equip me with knowledge and help me achieve my aims and benefit my future career prospects.

I chose the MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster for several reasons. Since I had a marketing background both through academic and working experience, general marketing courses at other universities were not attractive to me. LUMS is one of just a few management schools in the UK that offers an advanced in-depth marketing programme covering all aspects of marketing - the things that I needed for my further career path.

Secondly, it was the School's high ranking that made me choose Lancaster over other universities.

Thirdly, at Lancaster you have the chance to learn from a variety of cases and projects that link with well-known international organisations. I knew that this would enrich my real-life working experience.

Lastly, I was hoping to share my experience and learn from my international classmates, who were accepted on the programme for their first-class ability.

The year I spent at Lancaster University has been one of the most memorable periods in my life. It has given me a chance to live in a serene environment which is ideal for academic study whilst at the same time being very convenient for a vibrant lifestyle. The helpful staff and friendly atmosphere of the Graduate College always made me feel safe and secure, even though I was far away from my homeland.